About FDP-SI

The SIP is to prepare newly admitted undergraduate students for the new stage in their life by facilitating a smooth transition from their home and school environment into the college and university environment through various discussions and activities for
• Becoming familiar with the ethos and culture of the institution (based on institutional culture and practices)
• Exposure to a holistic vision of life (based on larger national and human good; or the well-being of all)
• Learning a creative skill in arts to express the larger vision of life (learn one art form like painting or music)
• Healthy lifestyle and ethical professional discipline (e.g. getting up early, sleeping on time, contributing to the subject of study)
• Overcoming weaknesses in some essential professional skills – only for those who need it (e.g. Mathematics, Language proficiency modules)

It is one of the mandatory programs in the AICTE Model Curriculum 2018 and is to be conducted during the first 3-weeks of the first semester before regular classes begin. It is to be coordinated by the Dean Students in every institution and involve key faculty members, alumni and student volunteers in delivery.

To ensure the implementation of SIP, and in particular to prepare the faculty, AICTE formed a National Coordination Committee for Student Induction (NCC-IP).

Every institution is expected to prepare UHV Faculty in the ratio of 1:20 (1 faculty per 20 newly admitted students). Faculty from every teaching department are to be prepared.

The following Faculty development Programs (FDPs) are being conducted throughout the country for this with the support from AICTE HQ and Regional Offices:
• 3-day FDP-SI (UHV) or 5-day online UHV FDP – Orientation to UHV for SIP
• • 8-day UHV FDP – Details of UHV, essential for qualifying to teach UHV-I or UHV-II
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