Activity and Impact

Impact Studies and Reports

IRMA, the Institute of Rural Management Anand, is conducting an in-depth analysis of the impact of AICTE's Nationwide UHV effort.

Meanwhile several institutions have conducted surveys, studies and published papers.

Efforts for HVBE at AICTE 2017-2022

AICTE has been making effort for Holistic Value-based Education since 2017:

  • Education on values founded on a holistic and humane world vision. This part is covered by Universal Human Values(UHV) These values are universal, rational, verifiable and living by them leads to harmony or the wellbeing of all. It has been extensively tested in more than 40 universities in 10 states over the last 18 years and since 2017 across the Nation by AICTE. From 2022 UGC has also started working on this approach. It is also being intensively tested at over 300 CM Rise Schools in Madhya Pradesh through the aegis of Rajya Anand Sansthan, Government of Madhya Pradesh
  • Courses, examples and case studies of local, regional and national values, languages and skills that can reinforce and exemplify a holistic and humane world vision. This part is covered by Indian Knowledge System (IKS) It is based on a deep understanding of human being as well as of the underlying harmony in nature and the entire existence. It has been tested through practice, verified and improved over thousands of years. As a result, it is an effort for the ‘wellbeing of all’. Therefore, its science, technology and systems offer many good examples and case-studies of effort for human thought and culture.
  • Education on world-class value-guided skills Nature-friendly and human-friendly systems and technologies.

Such an education, consisting of these three parts, will lead and is leading to a confident “responsibility-based approach” to life rooted in the Indian culture and ethos.

Activity and achievement so far:

  1. AICTE has a focussed Induction Program Cell to facilitate and coordinate UHV related activities
  2. There are two active National Committees:
    1. National Committee for Universal Human Values (NC-UHV) for developing the strategy, content and process for UHV and HVBE
    2. National Coordination Committee – Induction Program (NCC-IP) for implementing UHV and HVBE

    Since April 2022, these have become joint UGC-AICTE National Committees

  3. AICTE initiated a 3-week Student Induction Program (SIP) for a smooth transition from school, preparation for an environment for higher education. The SIP is based on UHV with an extensive Indian Knowledge System (IKS) component. UHV helps the teachers and students develop a holistic vision of life. It helps to understand the human values which are universal, foundational in nature. On this basis, it is possible to understand and practice the values articulated in NEP 2020, the Indian Constitution, etc., also. Further, UHV provides the base for appreciating and understanding the IKS. The SIP has been well received and the results have been quite encouraging.
  4. AICTE included a mandatory 1-semester 3-credit course UHV-II: Understanding harmony and Ethical Human Conduct. It is the first detailed tangible input on values. The uptake and results have been highly encouraging.
  5. In 2022, AICTE initiated minor degree in UHV. Initially the course for it will be offered in self-learning mode through SWAYAM.
  6. The most important part of all these efforts was faculty development and the orientation of various stakeholders. From 2017 until 31st May 2022: Registrations 1,26,624, Attended 80,063, Recommended for certificate: 43,169 mentors, 10,072 UHV-I faculty and 7,410 UHV-II faculty.

UHV Faculty Mentors Prepared up to 31 May 2022

Approverd Student Intake Estimate of Actual Student Intake Mentor
Target 1:20
Prepared Prepared % Balance
Central Bhopal 347,424 173,712 8686 2606 30% 6,080
Eastern, Kolkata 63,216 31,608 1580 3817 242% NIL
Northern, Kanpur 181,152 90,576 4,529 7887 174% NIL
North Western, C'garh 3,54,432 177,216 8,861 6790 77% 2071
South Central,Hyderabad 1,96,608 98,304 4,915 4020 82% 895
Southern, Chennai 1,99,008 99,504 4,975 5959 120% NIL
South Western B,luru 1,69,248 84,624 4,231 6496 154% NIL
Western, Mumbai 2,08,272 104,136 5,207 5594 107% NIL
total 17,19,360 8,59,680 42,984 43,169 100% 9,046

UHV-I Faculty Prepared up to 31 May 2022

Approverd Student Intake Estimate of Actual Student Intake UHV.I Faculty
Target 1:60
Prepared Prepared % Balance
Central Bhopal 347,424 173,712 2,895 220 8% 2,675
Eastern, Kolkata 63,216 31,608 527 607 115% NIL
Northern, Kanpur 181,152 90,576 1,510 4,934 327% NIL
North Western, C'garh 3,54,432 177,216 2,954 2577 77% 377
South Central,Hyderabad 1,96,608 98,304 1,638 253 15% 1385
Southern, Chennai 1,99,008 99,504 1,658 501 30% 1,157
South Western B,luru 1,69,248 84,624 1,410 462 33% 948
Western, Mumbai 2,08,272 104,136 1736 518 30% 1,218
total 17,19,360 8,59,680 14,328 10,072 70% 7,760

UHV-II Faculty Prepared up to 31 May 2022

Approverd Student Intake Estimate of Actual Student Intake UHV.II Faculty
Target 1:120
Prepared Prepared % Balance
Central Bhopal 347,424 173,712 1,448 88 6% 1,360
Eastern, Kolkata 63,216 31,608 263 123 47% 140
Northern, Kanpur 1,81,152 90,576 755 4,647 615% NIL
North Western, C'garh 3,54,432 177,216 1,477 2,306 156% NIL
South Central,Hyderabad 1,96,608 98,304 819 69 8% 750
Southern, Chennai 1,99,008 99,504 829 33 4% 796
South Western B,luru 1,69,248 84,624 705 28 4% 677
Western, Mumbai 2,08,272 104,136 868 116 13% 752
total 17,19,360 8,59,680 7,164 7,410 103% 4,475
  1. During the pandemic period, all this work was done through online webinars, which have evolved to being quite interactive. Through this, it became clear that the online mode can handle large numbers(1,000 to 10,000) and yet be quite effective. Of course, these initial inputs are augmented by higher-level face-to-face programs and interactions.
  2. In 2021, AICTE extended its UHV services to prepare the Anandaks of the Rajya Anand Sansthan, the principals and teachers of IASE and schools of Madhya Pradesh. The textbooks, workbooks and teachers (and parents) manuals are being prepared by Rajya Anand Sansthan, which will be offering UHV in over 300 CM Rise Schools from the forthcoming academic session 2022-23.

In 2022, UGC graciously joined in this effort and is now orienting its stakeholders and preparing its faculty for Holistic Value-based Education and Universal Human Values

The entire work on UHV is being carried out by volunteers working pro-bono (without accepting any honorarium), therefore our out-of-pocket expenses are minimal.

With this background, these services can be extended at almost no additional cost, for orienting various stakeholders and developing the faculty. The UGC-AICTE online platform may be used for this purpose with some upgrades to the capacity and data management capability.

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