Minor Degrees

Preparing Professionals
for Value-based-Living

Further, and in pursuance of the aims of NEP 2020, AICTE decided to additionally offer 2 additional minor degrees from AY 2022-23:

  • Minor Degree in Universal Human Values (UHV)

The courses which are part of the minor degree may be offered as open electives to all students. A Minor Degree can be awarded to those students who complete the minimum requirement of 18 credits in the respective open elective courses.

While faculty prepares themselves to offer these courses at their respective institutions, these courses are being sequentially made available through the SYAYAM portal. Faculty and students may register for these credit courses. Universities have been requested to adopt these courses as a part of their academic curriculum, so that credit transfers can be appropriately calculated and made available for student transcripts.

The pursuance of these open electives will have a direct impact on desirable, common graduate attributes, thereby enhancing employability in the area of the major degree.

In the present situation of increasing problems of human-human conflict, global warming and climate change, these courses will help prepare the urgently required technical professionals for sustainable and value-based living.

Finally, it will help to develop teachers, parents and policy makers of tomorrow who will have a humane worldview along with technical skills and strive to ensure value-based living for themselves as well as the society, Nation and world at large. This degree course will facilitate developing sufficient number of teachers to impart value-based education right from primary to higher education across the Nation.

Common Graduate Attributes

  • Holistic vision of life
  • Socially responsible behaviour
  • Environmentally responsible work
  • Ethical human conduct
  • Having competence and capabilities for maintaining health and hygiene
  • Appreciation and aspiration for excellence (merit) and gratitude for all
Sno Open Electives for Minor Degree in UHV Credits Suggested Semester Availability on SWAYAM Availability of Material
1 UHV-III: Understanding Human Being, Nature and Existence Comprehensively 3 3 August 2022 August 2022
2 UHV-IV: Vision for Humane Society 3 4 July 2023 July 2023
3 UHV-V: Human Values in Different Darshans 3 5 July 2023 July 2023
4 UHV-VI: Human Psychology – Leading to Full Human Potential 3 5 Dec 2023 Dec 2023
5 UHV-VII (A): A Foundation Course in Holistic Health – Its Philosophy and Practice Or UHV-VII (B): Human Sociology – Leading to Justice 3 7 July 2023 July 2023
6 UHV-VIII: Human Economics – Sustainable and Mutually Enriching Production Systems 3 7 July 2023 July 2023

Download Minor Degree Syllabus and Policy Documents