UHV-II: Universal Human Values

Understanding Harmony and Ethical Human Conduct


This course is presented as a systematic set of universal, rational and verifiable proposals about the human reality – about the inherent harmony in the human being, the family, society, the entire nature and existence. It draws out the value or role of human being in the harmony at all these levels, which is essentially the scope of ethical human conduct. It further helps to find resolution of present-day problems.

The issues in professional ethics are analysed in the context of the understanding of harmony developed, above. The main focus in the professional ethics module is on the development of ethical competence in the individuals, in contrast to an approach of enforcement by way of incentives and punishments.

The course employs an innovative and effective methodology of self-exploration, self-verification on one’s own right. It is not a set of dos and don’ts. In this process, the teacher is also a co-explorer along with the students.

UHV-II is a mandatory 3-credit course for second year students, intended to facilitate the development of a holistic and humane world vision. The 3 credits have been exclusively allocated for this purpose. Before students join this course, it would be highly desirable they go through the UHV-I module of Student Induction Program.

Certified Faculty Requirements

AICTE certified faculty may teach this course.

Minimum 1 faculty per 120 students (faculty from every department / branch / discipline to be prepared for teaching UHV-II (minimum 2 faculty per institution/college must be prepared).

Faculty must attend at least one UHV-II FDP

Pre-requisites: at least one Introductory UHV FDP

Further development: weekly meetings and other regular UHV activities conducted by NCC-IP

These FDPs are available online as well as in face-to-face mode. Scheduled FDPs are listed in the Registration tab

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