Implementation Roadmap

Phase I: Familiarising Policy Makers

A one-day meeting of NCC-IP Chairman / Convener with VC/Director/Principal is being organized by NCCIP for this.

Phase II: Preparing Faculty

Every institution is expected to prepare UHV Faculty in the ratio of 1:20 (1 faculty per 20 newly admitted students). Faculty from every teaching department are to be prepared and to teach UHV-I and UHV-II.. The following Faculty Development Programs (FDP) are being conducted throughout the country for this with the support from AICTE HQ and Regional Offices:
• 3-day FDP-SI (UHV) or 5-day online UHV FDP – Orientation to UHV for SIP
• 8-day UHV FDP – Details of UHV, essential for qualifying to teach UHV-I or UHV-II
For FDP Registration, please follow the link:
For coordinating the value education activities, every institution is expected to make a UHV Cell with the Director/Principal as the chairperson and UHV trained senior faculty as members.

Phase III: Conducting the Student Induction Program

Every institution is expected to conduct the 3-week SIP under the guidance of the Director/Principal or Dean Students or a senior faculty member. For this, the institution is expected to make a SIP Cell [also known as Institute Induction Program Cell (IIPC)].
The SIP Cell will be responsible for planning, and then actively and successful implementation of the three-weeks mandatory Student Induction Program.
Please G012 SIP Handbook v2 for details.

Assessing the Implementation and Impact

AICTE will conduct periodic assessment to ascertain the implementation and impact of these activities.