AICTE Induction Program Cell

Incorporating values and Indian knowledge in education
for realising the aspirations articulated in NEP 2020

Welcome to Induction Program Cell

In its 49th meeting held on 14th march 2017 AICTE had approved a package of measures for further improving the quality of technical education in the Nation.

NEP 2020 has further highlighted the need for rethinking on “education for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and just society, and promoting national development”.

AICTE is making effort towards technical education which is holistic, i.e., value-based as well as multi-disciplinary and taught in multiple Indian languages.

It’s three components are:

  1. Education on values – Universal Human Values (UHV)
  2. Exemplify living with values – Indian Knowledge System (IKS)
  3. Learning and practicing multiple, complementary, world-class skills that are nature friendly and human friendly

more on Holistic Value-based Education...

This website consists of the content, process and programs for Component 1 and 2, mentioned above. It is for preparing the faculty as well as familiarising the leaders of professional education in the Nation.

The prominent programs include:

The fundamental work of policy, developing guidelines, content and process of HVBE as well as developing teachers, administrations and policy makers has been done extensively across every state of the Nation in Hindi, English and regional Indian languages with encouraging results

From 2017 until 31st December 2022: Registrations 1,48,203, Attended 93,802,Recommended for certificate: 47,900 mentors, 10,522 UHV-I faculty and 7,859 UHV-II faculty

Weighted Average Overall FDP Rating 4.75 (on a scale of 1-5)

More on Activity and Impact

Human values are crucial for all irrespective of any background. The Indian values is something which has proved its existence and importance since many centuries.

Though, we lost the originality of our human.values due to fabricated history and many other reasons, but fortunately under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji, we are reviving back to our roots and moral values.

Our entire efforts are rooted in the spirit of 'wef l-being for all' and'Vosudhaiva Kutumbkam'.


– Prof. TG Sitharam, Chairman AICTE

Education has to be holistic, covering all aspects of living. Universal Human Values is a very important initiative in this context.

It is seen to help students develop a holistic perspective, clear humane goals and the corn-mitment to learn the skills required to achieve these goals. We have asked IRMA to do an Impact Study of the initial efforts made so far.


– Dr. Abhay Jere, Vice Chairman AICTE