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About the UHV

UHV has to do with basic human values which are fundamental to human nature and human existence. These values are universal in nature, applicable to all human beings, in all places and all times. eg. love and compassion.

“Values of kindness, integrity, justice... Even death shall not extinguish them. Nothing travels endlessly with time and stays relevant from generation to generation, era upon era except fundamental human values1 ”.

These fundamental, basic or foundational human values are inherent, intrinsic in human beings and can be seen as definite participation of human beings in existence. It is the role of human beings in this existence – in relation to oneself, in relation to the other human beings and in relation to the rest of nature*2.

In other words, it is about human beings living with clarity, happiness and responsibility; it is about human family living with happiness and prosperity; it is about human society living with trust (fearlessness) and about living with co-existence in nature, the natural environment.

Requirements for AICTE Certificate of Participation

These FDPs are of an integrated nature, hence attendance in all sessions is essential to grasp the contents in their wholeness. Attendance will be taken in every session.
Please note that AICTE will issue certificates only to those participants who have 100% attendance, and who complete and submit their self-evaluation and feedback forms.

I hereby declare that:
• I will attend the Student Workshop
• I will attend all the sessions. In case I fail to ensure 100% attendance, I shall not be eligible for the AICTE Student Workshop certificate
• I will abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution