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Guidelines and Procedure for hosting UHV FDP PDF 865KB click Here
Approved FDP Master PDF 865KB click Here
G000 Overall FDP Process PDF 865KB click Here
G001 FDP-SI Expenditure Guidelines PDF 646KB click Here
G002 FDP-SI Guidelines for Participants PDF 1.94MB click Here
G003 Guidelines for LPC PDF 1.29MB click Here
G004 Guidelines for SAC PDF 1.28MB click Here
G005 Guidelines for UC PDF 1.07MB click Here
G006 Guidelines for RC PDF 599KB click Here
G007 Guidelines for RP (conducting FDP-SI) PDF 359KB click Here
G008 Facilitator (Mentor) Manual Version 2.1 PDF 352KB click Here
G009 RP Development Process v2 PDF 979KB click Here
G010 Guidelines for Backend Followup PDF 396KB click Here
G012 SIP Hand Book v2 PDF 720KB click Here
G811 TA Rules for Experts PDF 295KB click Here
G911 UHV Cell, Nodal and Resource Centres PDF 554KB click Here
Guidelines for Contribution to SIP v1 PDF 446KB click Here
Model Guide for online SIP PDF 342KB click Here
Model Guide for Students PDF 342KB click Here
Student Activity Cell (SAC) PDF 342KB click Here