UHV FDP Presentations and Handouts

5-day online UHV Teaching Material

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D1 S1B - Civilisational Change through Edu May 25 PDF 384KB click Here
D1 S1B - IKS for Human Culture _ Civilisation Aug 17 PDF 490KB click Here
D1 S1B - Incorporating UHV in Edu Aug 17 PDF 987MB click Here
D1-S2 Holistic Devl _ Role of Edu July 23 PDF 807KB click Here
D2-S1 A Recap D1 July 23 PDF 521KB click Here
D2-S1 B Self-exploration^J Happiness and Prosperity July 26 PDF 384KB click Here
D2-S1 C Harmony in the Human Being July 23 PDF 644KB click Here
D2-S2 A Harmony in the Self July 23 PDF 526KB click Here
D2-S2 B Prosperity _ Health July 26 PDF 338KB click Here
D3-S1 A Recap D1^J 2 July 23 PDF 660KB click Here
D3-S1 B Trust July 23 PDF 684KB click Here
D3-S2 Respect July 23 PDF 466KB click Here
D4-S1 A Recap D1^J2^J3 July 23 PDF 685KB click Here
D4-S1 B Other Feelings July 23 PDF 601KB click Here
D4-S2 A Und Society July 23 PDF 1062KB click Here
D4-S2 B Und Nature July 23 PDF 527KB click Here
D4-S3A - INDUCTION PROGRAM 2019 PDF 1305KB click Here
D4-S3B - AKGEC Example APRIL 2020 PDF 1572KB click Here
D5-S1 A Recap D1^J2^J3^J4 July 23 PDF 462KB click Here
D5-S1 B Existence^J Sum up _ Program July 23 PDF 470KB click Here
D5-S1B - Program (Specific for Chairpersons) PDF 497KB click Here
D5-S1B - Program (Specific for Principals) June 26 PDF 649KB click Here